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The Yong Yean Elementary School in Ulsan is a UNESCO Associated school. The school participates on various events or project held from UNESCO Korea Committee. And at October 17th, Yong Yean elementary school participated on Movie Day project.

The Movie Day project is held in order to get rid of the illiteracy. Also, the pronunciation of the Movie day means no illiteracy. In this project, students watch a related movie or a short video related, and a documentary about Indian women's non education on literacy. And they drew and colored the Hindi words and not the only experience the difficulty of the nonliteracy, but also understand the illiteracy women. More over the students of UNESCO club made a booth buying candy from a menu in Hindi. Students had difficulty buying candy from the Hindi menu. Moreover, they held an event to support Asian women who did not know the letters and could not sign, creating thumb prints tree to cheer for Asian women who did not know the letters and took a thumb print of them instead of signing them.

Having this project, Park yong-soo the principle of Yong Yean Elementary school said: "I want students to feel grateful for being able to read and write, and grow into a global citizen who can give help to non-experts in other countries."

By this meaningful event, movie day, the students of Yong Yean Elementary school students were able to understand and support the illiteracy people all over the world.


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