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▲ Abuse of Jurisdiction by Yang Sung-tae

▲ Prosecutor arrested Yang Sung-tae

The former Supreme Court chief justice was arrested on January 24th by the prosecutor. It is because he abused his power for his last president. The Supreme Court ruled a case to Yang Seung-tae, the Supreme Court chief justice, for he was highly suspected, and he was issued a warrant. The prosecutor can investigate for the trial for ten days after issued a warrant. Therefore, they keep on investigating even on holidays.

The former Supreme Court chief justice, Yang Sung-tae, has more than 40 allegations. It is best known that he was involved in judicial discipline among many people. After Yang Sung-tae was arrested, incumbent Supreme Court chief justice, Kim Myeong-su said that he would again like to apologize to the public. He feels wretched and ashamed. He told this to the reporters outside the Supreme Court building. He also said that he doesn't have the words to describe how he feels or what he could say at this stage so as to at least offer even a little bit of comfort to the public.

▲ Incumbent Supreme Court chief justice apologize

Park Geun-hye was also part of the secret deals with Yang Sueng-tae which led the prosecution to be suspected. They both deserve punishment for their crimes, and this is the perfect time to get rid of corruption in our country.

Another example of Yang Sueng-tae's judicial rebellion is the forced labor case. When we held a trial demanding for the compensation for the forced labor from Japan, the problem was that Yang intentionally delayed the trial and made a deal. He ignored their long-cherished desire and delayed the trial, abusing his power to gain other benefits.

Yang Seng-tae's case is the tip of the iceberg. We must try to eradicate this corruption in our country. To conclude, these irregularities are undermining the image of honest judges and should be thoroughly investigated and prepared to prevent this from happening again. Although I am still young I want to tell all people to live honestly and think one more time whether what you are doing is justice or not.


by Gim Si-Hyoung


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