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▲ The Independence Movement on March 1

Now, we all call March 1 as Samil-jeol. But, this name not only marks the date but also involves a lot of meaningful things. Actually, on March 1, 1919, there was an independence movement in the whole of Korea. Countless people took together to the streets waving the Taegeukgi, the Korean national flag, calling for independence.

Yu Gwan-Sun was born in Byeongcheon as a Christian. She studied in Ewha Haktang by the American missionaries. So, she is said to be as a first woman who took a modern education in Korea. On March 1, many intellectuals announced the Declaration of Independence, and then the independence movement has started. Yu Gwan-Sun and her family made their hometown people to participate in the movement. They started in Aunae Marketplace and kept waving the Taegeukgi.

The Japanese military and police tried to repress the demonstration by open firing which killed so many

people including Yu Gwan-Sun's parents.

▲ A photo of Yu Gwan-Sun in front of prison

They even killed those who did not participate in the movement. Also, they captured leaders, including Yu Gwan-Sun. She was imprisoned in Seodaemun Prison. However, she could not stop fighting against Japan. Therefore, even in prison, she repeated the miracle of March 1 one year later. As a result, on March 1, 1920, started by Yu Gwan-Sun, the whole prisoners in the prison kept the movement calling for independence of Korea. When the story got out that the prisoners were fighting against Japan the same way as last year, many people on the street came out and waved Taegeukgi once again.

▲ A movie about Yu Gwan-Sun and the Independence Movement

Yu Gwan-Sun led the Independence Movement when she was 18 years old. Then, she died at 19 because of too much torture she suffered in the prison. A movie about independence also premiered on March 1, this year. We should remember our proud hero Yu Gwan-Sun and think about our country, the Republic of Korea.

March 16th, 2019

by Gim Si-Hyoung


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