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In Jangsaengpo, Ulsan, South Korea, there is a very special festival which cannot be seen anywhere. Every May or June each year, in Jansaengpo, a small town in Ulsan, the Whale Festival is held for three to four days. In this year, at 2019 the festival is held at June 7th to June 9th. As much as that Jangsaengpo is a whale culture zone, the Ulsan Whale Festival has lots of things to enjoy.

The Ulsan Whale Festival can be enjoyed in many ways. In the festival, there are lots of events and performances. The most popular and famous is the Jangsaengpo old village. It is the space of Jangsaengpo in the 1960s and 1970s, when whale whaling flourished. Moreover, there are some snacks and food which are enjoyed then. Also, we can see the performances in the Ulsan whale museum. In the museum, we can also see the history of Ulsan, whale and lots of models of whales or their bones and there are lots of booths we experience related with whales.

▲ poster of the Ulsan Whale Festival of 2016

The tourists and the villagers have a good time there in Ulsan Whale Festival. The women who blogged her experience on internet enjoyed the Jangsaengpo old village and said that she was steeped in old memories. The structure and things used then were very vivid that I was like traveling the past, and she also said that she wanted to visit it once more if she has a chance. The students who visited and tagged the SNS also said that all the events were exciting, and they had lots of information about the whales, and also they loved that the tickets were free. Like this, everybody from anywhere had a good time.

▲ picture of Jangsaengpo old village

In Jagsaengpo, Ulsan, South Korea, every year, it comes a special festival, Ulsan Whale Festival. Everybody can enjoy the festival for free careless of ages. Ulsan has been more popular by this festival and has kept developing. The Ulsan Whale Festival will be continued. Come and enjoy Ulsan Whale Festival!


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