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▲ ‘Captain Marvel’ has premiered on March 6th.

‘Captain Marvel’ has premiered on March 6th. Some people call this film as the last trailer for the endgame. I have seen this movie recently, and it had 2 good points. From now on, I am going to review this ‘Captain Marvel.’

The first good point is a very interesting story. Marvel Studios has put a new hero, Captain Marvel. In the movie, she has very strong power. A source of power is a core. She finally gets her original power and become a hero of another galaxy. Marvel already officially noticed that Captain Marvel will be in the ‘Avengers : Endgame’, as a big part. As many people know, they would have watched a movie attaching to the ‘Avengers : Endgame’, and thought about what Captain Marvel will do in the ‘Avengers : Endgame.’ I also expected a lot about it. Saying as one person who saw the movie already, I am very satisfied with the story of the new hero and very expected of her other remarkable activities.

▲ There were many action scenes in `Captain Marvel.`

Another good point is a great scale and expression of action. Because the hero Captain Marvel is from space, there were many action scenes which took place in space or driving a jet. I actually was concerned about these things, but I could not help myself respect Marvel once more. Marvel Studios had expressed those actions very clearly so that the audience cannot find what is computer graphics. Also, I feel the duty to say thank you to the actress who acted Captain Marvel. That is because I think it is very hard to do that much action. I am very interested in the action that Captain Marvel will show us in the ‘Avengers: Endgame.’

Marvel's first female hero, "Captain Marvel," in 2019, is a blockbuster about what happens when he meets agent Nick Fury, a Shield agent, after Beers, who was living as a Kree warrior, accidentally landed on Earth with "Captain Marvel" missing past memories. This movie makes me expect a lot for 'Avengers : Endgame.'

2019.4.7 Gim Si-Hyoung


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