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In South Korea, there are lots of figures who are very influential. However, the most influential figure is BTS. BTS is a K-artist which has amazing numbers of fans and popularity all over South Korea and also throughout the world including America.

▲ BTS, in Billboard

BTS has amazing records on their songs and activities. First, in September last year, BTS participated in the Generation Unlimited launch event. On the same day, the leader, RM, made a speech in fluent English. BTS talks to countless young people who are afraid to speak out, to love themselves even if they make a mistake. Secondly, BTS won the social artist award at the 2018 Billboard Music Awards in May last year. As candidates, prominent singers such as Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande rose, but BTS beat them to win the 2017 U.S. Billboard Music Awards for the second consecutive year. Third, in October last year, all seven BTS members were honored with the Hwagwan Order of Culture Merit, the youngest in history. Fourth, BTS was honored last year as the first Korean singer to enter New York's "City Field." At City Field, the New York Mets' home stadium in Major League Baseball, 40,000 seats were sold out at the same time as the opening, proving BTS' potential.

▲ Picture of BTS doing speech in UN

Having lots of achievements, BTS has promoted South Korea. BTS is the first Korean group to win the Billboard chart and to make a collaboration with famous singers around the world to promote the Korean wave. Also, BTS has created a Korean Wave around the world with their songs. BTS has introduced the Korean tradition to the world through idol Korean songs and costumes.
Like this, BTS has made a lot of influence through their popularity, and they have promoted K-industry and traditional culture through their songs. BTS is the most influential figure in South Korea.


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