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▲ a man(suspect) trying to break in the house

In Sillim-dong, Seoul city, there was a big case of attempted rape. A man about 36 years old followed a woman who lives alone for long. The woman was walking to her house. When she opened the door and closed it, the man tried to catch and open it. He almost caught, but the door was already closed. After then, this man tried to open the door for a long time. He kept trying, and after a long time of attempting to break in, he got out of the building. This case happened at 6:20 a.m. in a building in Sillim-dong.

▲ police has arrested a suspect

The police have arrested this man through his confession. He insisted that he had drunk a lot, so he could not remember what he did.
A man tried to get in the woman's house and rape her. Fortunately, the door got closed and locked, and the man could not get inside. Even though he tried to open it, it was impossible. After the arrest, the police and court kept talking about what crime they would apply to the man in this case. That is because if there is not some kind of attack or threat, attempted rape cannot come into existence. An indisputable crime that will be applied to the man is attempting to break into a house where the woman lives. Many people said that this attempt had a purpose to rape the woman, but it is not sure if the court will apply attempted rape to the man.

Another shocking aspect is that many women have a similar experience. Someone said that a man tried to open the door of her house at dawn. Just right before the woman called the police, the man walked away. Because of those similar cases, one group has made an application, which has a recorded file of a man's voice. This can be used to deceive a man trying to get into a house that there is a man in the house.

There is no fixed target of the crime. However, this case can happen to anyone. This kind of men should be punished severely, even if it requires a new law. I hope our society will be better with efforts to get rid of crimes like this.

▲ many people wanting to punish a suspect

2019-06-13 by Kim Si-Hyoung


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