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▲ A collide in Danube River

There was a disaster in Hungary recently. A river cruise ship with 33 Koreans who were traveling sank in Danube River in Hungary. It collided with another big cruise ship and started to sink. It was raining a lot, so the ship sank so quickly. There were 35 people in the ship including 33 Korean travelers and 2 Hungarian crew members. Because of this accident, 26 people died, and two people are still missing.

Right after this accident, the Korean government quickly directed to start emergency relief with the Hungarian government. The government has established Overseas Koreans Countermeasures Headquarters with a focus on a minister of foreign affairs. With this quick management and emergency relief, fortunately, seven people were rescued.

Also, the Hungarian government got the ship back to surface, and while doing this, two missing people's dead bodies were found.

▲ Two missing people found

However, still, many people are dead, and these people made this accident a disaster. The Korean government has demanded the Hungarian government to put the big cruise ship that crashed against another cruise ship under provisional attachment. On the other hand, the travel agency is also being paid attention. The travel agency apologized for the accident and cooperated actively in the relief.

▲ Travel agency of Hungary accident

There were many ship accidents including the Sewol disaster and this one. Because of this, people tend to avoid travel to somewhere. Each government and travel agency should be more alert and should consider more about safety. I hope there will be no more disasters like this.


by Kim Si-hyoung


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