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▲ Kimchi

Have you ever eaten Korean food called Kimchi? It is a special food that is not easily available in other countries.

The special traditional food in Korea is called Kimchi, the fermented dish made with vegetables and a variety of seasoning ingredients. There are various types of them, but the most popular Kimchi is red in color and can be a little spicy for some. There is a Kimchi made with cabbage which is the most popular kind of Kimchi. However, there are some other types of Kimchi that are not spicy. One is made with saltwater and some vegetables, so it is good for children. Kimchi is a simple side dish that we can eat with soup, rice or other main dishes. We can easily buy it in big or small markets, so we are like to eat Kimchi more often. Not only can we buy Kimchi, but we can also make it ourselves.

According to the Los Angeles Times, South Koreans consume 18kg of Kimchi per person annually. Almost every Korean makes Kimchi each year in their house, with their family. To Kimchi, we add in some shrimps, garlic, soy sauce, red pepper, onion and many more to the main ingredient cabbage. We can eat with every meal of any dishes. I also ate it this morning and for lunch. A lot of Koreans tend to think it is necessary to have Kimchi as a side dish for every meal.

If you have not tried the Korean traditional food Kimchi yet, I hope you try it!


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