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In South Korea, recently, in the growing campaign to protect women's human rights, some webtoons which subject is about feminism are becoming popular because they have a story centered on women. These webtoons are reflecting the situations that feminists have while criticizing the society for which women's human rights are ignored.

As a representative work in feminism webtoons, there is a story titled "The Man Who Cleans Up Makeup", which is criticizing crimes against women, child sexualization, appearance conditions for men and women, appearance-ism and many others. It also contains women's ability that is hidden by men. Moreover, "Jeongnyeon" is the story of a Korean country girl named Jeongnyeon to represent the women's national theater troupe of the 1950s. We can see the unabashed display of women's ambitions in it. "27-10" is a webtoon wherein the main character is A romantic woman and was sexually assaulted by her father. Moreover, there is a story of a princess who wants to be a king in "Legal Pirate Parfait". There are many feminist stories, including women's love story.

▲ `#MeToo` in the ˝27-10˝

▲ Criticizing children sexualization problem in ˝The Man Who Cleans Up Makeup˝

The reactions against those feminist and women-centered webtoons are various. There are many people who do not like feminist webtoons. Last year, in Naver Webtoon Super Bowl, there were votes for specific webtoons in order to dismiss feminist webtoons. Also, the comments of feminist webtoons are very awful because of the curse and reproach of anti-feminists. On the other hand, people who are feminists or those who support feminism are trying to promote this kind of webtoons.

▲ People vote right side one because the left one is a feminist webtoon

As feminism movements are rising, webtoon designers who are feminists are beginning to rise. Many people are cheering and trying to promote these webtoons that focus on feminism and those women-centered webtoons. Therefore, more and more people are coming across feminism and women epic. Even if some people think that it is enough, many feminists are saying that they need more women-centered webtoons.

Sep. 8th, 2019

by Lee Yeonseo


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