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Starting from the television program, Produce 101 season one, two and three, with huge attention, hit big. Produce 101 season four was aired on May 3rd with lots of fans who were watching. The program is aired in Mnet with a subtitle, "Global idol promotes the project, vote on your boy (girl)." The nations are watching and participating on the vote and excited to know who will become the ‘nation producer’. At first, 101 trainees begin the first turning train, and finally, 11 trainees become the idol group. As the program’s cast is the young boys from the age of 16 to 27, the program had an amazing hit. However, there was some controversy and doubt. Some trainees had a controversy with their past and some had a controversy on their behavior. However, the biggest issue was provoked during the first training on July 19th, the vote-rigging doubt.

▲ The poster of Produce X 101

The nation had doubts about the repetition of the difference in votes. The difference in votes in the final vote was repeating with the number 7494. For example, the number 14714, 29978, 119911, 224833 are a multiple number of 7494. And the number of vote cast of a trainee named Tony is 284789 which is 38 times of 7494. Also, if we divide the poll of rank one to seven with 7494, the whole number will come out with the calculation value. All of these results without rigging can be weird.

▲ The graph that show the vote rigging

After the number of the poll was released, the nations asked Mnet and the operator for the explanation. Mnet had got silence for a while and on July 24th, they gave an explanation that there was an error but there was no problem with the ranking. This made the nation more disappointed. Ha Tae-kyung of the Bareunmirae Party said, "The probability of such a result is close to zero. The teenagers' manipulation of the audition program vote is an apparent job fraud and hiring scandal." Nam Min-joon, a criminal lawyer, said, "If there were any actual fabrication, the production team and voting data companies would have caused damage to the network's Mnet, which constitutes a crime of obstruction of business." It is also a breach of trust charge if he received money from his management agency for the purpose of his debut, he explained. Moreover, the Seoul Central District Prosecutors' Office allocated the case of a production team consisting of viewers who sued CJ ENM producers and trainees' management officials on charges of obstruction of business by fraud and breach of trust to the Criminal Department six and launched an investigation into the following day. The program must have been clearer and fairer.


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