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▲ South Korea is the only country where students cannot vote among OECD

Is it good to give the students the right to vote? This has been an important issue for a long time not only in South Korea but also in many other countries. Some people might say that giving the students the right to vote is not that important. However, many people have asked the reason why students cannot vote. Then, finally, South Korea allowed the 18-year-old students to vote. However, still, there is an argument between its pros and cons.

▲ Students arguing for their rights to vote

First of all, people who support students' right to vote to say that the right to vote is one of the most important human rights which should be given to all citizens. In fact, voting means participating in politics. The right to participate and give an idea in politics is an important right. Students are also citizens, and their human rights should also be protected and preserved.

▲ Two sides discussing about 18-year-old students` right to vote

On the other hand, people who oppose against the claim that students are not mature enough to elect someone. Nevertheless, students say that this claim does not make sense. That is because ages 18 and 19 are not very different. In addition, there are adults who are still not mature, too.

Another reason why some people support the policy is that it is relevant to education. Nowadays, education policies are changing so fast that many students cannot adapt, and they feel very chaotic. The students are studying right now, and they can think about and evaluate vividly. Of course, this does not mean that adults are always wrong about education, but ideas and opinions which come from students should also be considered, too, while making policy for a better education.

People who oppose giving the 18-year-old students the right to vote to say that school might be used as political areas. That means that students cannot focus on studying. But, people and students who support it ask why schools cannot be used as political areas. Students should focus on studying, but discussing politics is also a way to study. Furthermore, if students think more about politics, then they can lead the future society a lot better.

Many advanced countries let their students vote and participate in politics. Students in Europe do political actions like doing election campaigns by themselves. Therefore people in South Korea should support giving the teenagers the right to vote and participate in politics so that we all can make a better society together.

Feb 2nd, 2020

by Kim Si-Hyoung


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