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New coronavirus has attacked China and Korea and many near countries very fast. Since it started in China, it spread very quickly so that many people died or injected. Of course, this virus is critical to the country for many reasons, but the most critical reason is trade.

Korea had trade with so many countries, and actually, because of little country and people, we had to depend on trade. And a country which takes the most portion of the whole trade is China and America. After this coronavirus has affected the whole world, many countries including America prohibited the Korean of the entity. Because of that, the amount of Korea’s export quickly decreased. As a result, the economy of Korea got down and many people, especially owner-operators, are having a tiring life.

▲ This chart is showing the nations that have injected people and the number of them.

Korea and other countries should make all-out efforts to get this virus situation better so that economy and people can be better. Actually vaccine has been found, but it still requires time to be completed and be assured that it is harmless to human. After the vaccine is made and commercialized, then coronavirus will not be such a scary one anymore.

But we have to be healthy now. Therefore, we need to follow some preventive rules of the virus. There are some rules. First of all, wear your mask. Second, wash your hands often and clearly. Finally, do not go out often. Following those, we can be safer from the virus. And mostly, we all should do our best to get out this coronavirus.

▲ The progress of national Corona19 patients who recover completely

Recently, in Korea, the coronavirus is almost fading away, but still, there are other countries where coronavirus is getting all over the country. Since this virus is making the economy of countries including America depressed, the economy of the whole world is being stagnant. As if to prove it, global trade volume and inflation are falling sharply. As I wrote up there, Korea will get hit because of this, due to a small country.

▲ Many shops are closing temporarily due to the prevention of coronavirus.

Therefore, from now on, as soon as possible, we should be ready for this. We should try to decrease this damage. I hope the whole world to be ready and help each other to stop coronavirus.

April 25th, 2020

by Kim Si-hyoung


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