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Many people do not know the exact thing that a pharmacist does, and they simply think a pharmacist is a person who sells us medicine. However, a pharmacist does more other works related to medicine. Pharmacists can be defined as people who do all the tasks related to a pharmacy under the pharmaceutical affairs law. For example, when a doctor gives a patient a prescription, pharmacists examine if the medicine is banned to use in combination or it is not allowed to be injected. If they consider the medicine right, they finally fill a prescription and sell the medicine to the patient.

▲ Pharmacist checking the medicine

Guro Pharmaceutical Association's president said that as the medium of information is increasing, some patients can have wrong of unverified information. So, they need to educate them well and help them not to have the wrong prescription.

Since the work of pharmacists is directly related to the patients' health, being a pharmacist could be hard. They have to graduate from a college of pharmacy and pass the State Examination for Pharmaceutical Chemists, and they have to obtain a license from the Ministry of Health and Welfare.

▲ Pharmacists making medicine

Like every job has advantages and disadvantages, pharmacists also have both of them. Because it is the job of treating patients directly, they could feel the worth of their job. Also, when they open a pharmacy, they can work not being regarded by their age, and economic compensation can rise. However, pharmacists have lots of workloads to do, and taking a patient may not be easy to do for some. Also, they have no guarantee to have a stable job. Becoming and working as a pharmacist could be joyful or hard depending on who is working. However, this is the job that is necessary for the patients.

by Kim won Hwi


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