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▲ What is new traffic accident law?

September 2019, there was a sad accident in a school zone. A nine-year-old boy was hit by a car, and he just died in front of his parents. After that accident, a new traffic accident law has been executed since March 25th, 2020. This new law includes mandatory installation of speed cameras, speed bumps, and traffic lights. At first, most people like it, having expectations that this law can decrease traffic accidents.

However, a few weeks after, some opposite opinions came out. The revision to the Act on the Aggravated Punishment of Specific Crimes calls for the death of a child in a child protection zone due to carelessness by a driver, resulting in life imprisonment or imprisonment of more than three years. In addition, if a victim is injured, he or she will be sentenced to more than one year or 15 years in prison or fined five million won to 30 million won. This is where people focus on. They argue that not only a driver is responsible for car accidents, but a child is also responsible. For example, what if a child just jumped out without watching the car and got hit? Even in this case, a driver should follow the new law. After this point was known, then people were divided into two groups. One still wanted to keep this new traffic law, and the other claimed to abolish it.

▲ talking about too hard punishment of new law

Of course, if someone is responsible for an accident, he or she should be punished or make amends to the victim. Also, in the school zone, where many children are there drivers must drive slowly and carefully. However, if a child is responsible for an accident, the new traffic law does not make sense anymore. Some experts about law, like lawyers, say that the new law is punishing heavily at mistake. Also, there is a problem where the fairness of punishment goes against each other.

After all, everyone agrees that traffic accidents should be reduced by establishing a pedestrian-centered culture. However, the law is different. Law should be fair and reality-based. If there is something unfair, it should be changed to a better one. We all hope to reduce traffic accidents by the right, good way.

June 2nd, 2020

by Kim Si-Hyoung


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