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Due to COVID 19 so many jobs are suffering in their field. One of the most damaged taken fields was the aviation industry. Here is a chart from “Flightradar24.com” which shows a number of commercial flights in the last 120 days. 

Although there were 112,625 commercial flights in February, the lowest parts (April 15-20) show only 24,047 flights in the sky. It shows that 79% of flights had decreased within two months. By the COVID 19, commercial flights were one of the most suffered fields internationally. This caused the extreme deficits in the aviation industry and the very high unemployment in the Airline industry including pilots.

Due to the reduction of flight services, many pilots have lost their jobs. In South Korea, according to the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport, around 900 people got their jobs as a new pilot last year. However, no airlines are hiring new pilots this year.

Moreover, Eastar Jet, a Korean LCC has fired 80 new first officers because of their management crisis. Eastar Jet was even merged to Jeju Air to avoid bankruptcy. Also, many regular captains and first officers are staying at home unpaid, because there is no flight schedule for the last few months. Many pilots in airlines are anxious for keeping their qualifications due to minimized flight schedules. In ICAO(International Civil Aviation Organization)’s guidelines, all commercial pilots should takeoffs and landings 3 times within 90 days, and 2 times of skill reviews in a year. However, in this circumstance, the pilots are struggling to meet those guidelines. ICAO has declared emergency policies for qualifications that allow them to use simulators to maintain their experiences. If the companies are not prepared for this yet, ICAO can modify the standards for a while. The government has offered to airlines some solutions for their pilot practices as well. In South Korea, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport promised to support Asiana Airlines’ A380 pilots by letting them use west sea training airspace and by waiving airport facility fees to make it easier to maintain their qualification. Also, MLIT helps Asiana airlines to connect with Thai airlines for the use of Thai’s simulator to meet ICAO’s emergency guidelines.


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