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Recently, South Korea and the president have put a lot of effort into the relationship with North Korea. Then, it looked pretty peaceful. However, on the 17th of June, Kim Yo Jong, the first vice minister of the Worker's Party of North Korea has criticized. Cheong Wa Dae for its remarks and video messages of events marking the 20th anniversary of the June 15 Declaration. She played down President Moon's remark, saying, "It was marked by self-evident excuses, avoidance of responsibility, and deep-rooted obedience."

▲ Bombed Kaesong Liaison Office

North Korea has provoked South Korea for a few weeks. North Korea blew up the joint liaison office building in Kaesong on June 16. Also, a day after North Korea detonated a joint inter-Korean liaison office building in Kaesong, the North announced that it would send military units to the Mount Kumgang resort and the Kaesong Industrial Complex to re-host them and revive military exercises in the West Sea.

Due to those situations and aggressive attitude of North Korea, the South Korean government denounced about it, saying "It is fundamentally damaging to the trust built up between the leaders of the two Koreas, and we are clearly warning that we will not tolerate such unreasonable remarks and actions by the North." This seems to have changed a lot from the North's constant response to its criticism. The move is interpreted as reflecting the position that the two Koreas cannot remain silent until they ignore the spirit of the agreement they have built up between the two Koreas. North Korea's sudden bombing of the Kaesong Inter-Korean Joint Liaison Office, which symbolizes the fruits of the Panmunjom Declaration and inter-Korean reconciliation, and President Moon's remarks were disparaged by a statement titled " It is disgusting to hear an impassioned remark," which Cheong Wa Dae recognized as exceeding the acceptable threshold limit. Then, they said, "The recent series of words and actions by the North is not only helpless to the North, but the consequences of all this are entire to the North." Also, the South government urged for the least manner to North Korea, hoping that the North will have basic courtesy in the future.

▲ Kim Yo-Jong and Choeng Wa Dae are opposing

After this strong and strict reaction, watchers say that in the relationship of the South and North, confrontation will be inevitable. After the provocation of North Korea, it is quite regrettable that the hard-earned trust has been broken and entered into a standoff. South Koreans should not be dragged around by North Korea. Many people hope that this situation and provocation would end up peacefully.

4th, July 2020

by Kim Si-Hyoung


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