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A Famous Tourist Attraction, Suwon Hwaseong Fortress

The famous historical site in South Korea

Nowadays, people often travel somewhere around the world. They want to go to beautiful sites, famous sites, and valuable sites. They also go to historical sites to learn about the past. In South Korea, there are many historical sites that remain until now. One of the famous sites is Suwon Hwaseong Fortress, which was built in 1794.

▲ The appearance of Suwon Hwaseong Fortress

First, Suwon Hwaseong Fortress has great values as an ancient building. It has the new style of a fortress. It improves the problems of the castles built before because it brings the form of western castles. The castles were built in the mountains in Joseon Dynasty before to defend and block the enemy from coming. However, Suwon Hwaseong Fortress is located in the flat land, and the form of the castle is also different from the old ones. Its height is lower, and it is thicker than other old castles. It is because of the changes in the ways to fight. People fought with swords or arrows before. However, with the development of cannons, people started to break the castles and occupied them. Suwon Hwaseong Fortress ruled not only the military but also the executive and commercial people in Joseon before. So, people said it is the new form of the town.

▲ Geo-jung-gi was used to build Suwon Hwaseong Fortress.

Second, Suwon Hwaseong Fortress has amazing scientific values. First, it used high technology apparatus. The typical apparatus is used was Geo-jung-gi. It used the principle of the pulley, which increased the work efficiency for about four to five times before. Because of it, the castle was expected to be built for ten years, but it was built around two and a half years only. It also used many scientific principles. The thing that is known to all is the making of the rampart. People made the rampart windingly to make an arch to endure the strong impact. The arch structure could endure a stronger impact than other structures. There were many other scientific principles applied while building the castle which was not very common before.

For these values of Suwon Hwaseong Fortress, the number of tourists it has every day is constantly increasing. According to the interview of Maeil Economy with the staff of Suwon Hwaseong Fortress, he said that the number of tourists in 2013 was about 5.25 million, however, in 2017, it increased to about 8.07 million. He said the number of foreign tourists also increased. With that much, Suwon Hwaseong Fortress is clearly known to people around the world. so, many experts expect it to have a bright future.

By Taeho Kim


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