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Do you know any beautiful flowers that bloom in autumn? Cosmos are beautiful flowers that bloom in autumn. There is a place where the cosmos bloom beautifully by the Han River. It is in Guri City, Gyeonggi-do. Because of the abundance of cosmos, the Guri Cosmos Festival is held every autumn in Guri City,

▲ The Guri Cosmos Festival

Gyeonggi Province. This Festival is one of the most famous festivals in Guri city.

First of all, the Guri Cosmos Festival has been an event hosted by the city of Guri since 2000. This landscape is so beautiful that it is popular among all ages. This festival is divided into three parts. First, right next to the Han River, you can see cosmos flower fields have been created on a site of about 177915 Sq. Ft. Second, you can eat delicious food looking at the cosmos. Third, there are various events held in the

festival such as singing performances, street performance in which citizens can participate, cow riding, traditional Korean candy-making which is called Dalgona, Korean traditional folk game, and kite flying. These programs are the reason why people like this festival. The festival attracts many people every year in such an abundant configuration. Originally, the 20th festival should have been held this year. Unfortunately, this year,

the festival was canceled due to COVID-19. 

▲ Planting potatoes instead of cosmos

So, people replaced sweet potatoes and potatoes in places where the cosmos should be planted. Then, the potatoes and sweet potatoes will be sent to the underprivileged.

This activity already implemented in spring Rape flower festivals. At that time people planted vegetables and delivered them to 3,000 households.

Many people said that it is unfortunate that the Guri Cosmos Festival got canceled because of the coronavirus, but they are glad that they could turn the crisis into an opportunity to help the underprivileged. Also, they hope that the event will be filled with better activities next year.

July 19, 2020 

By Park Hyoin


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