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Lee Hyung-ho's kidnapping and murder, the Hwaseong serial killings, and murder case and the Daegu Sungseo Elementary School Murder Case are the three major unsolved cases in South Korea. Among them, the murder of Lee Hyung-ho, an elementary school student at that time, became known again in the 2007 film, "The Voice of the Murderer." With the recent resolution of the Hwaseong serial killings, attention is being paid again to the kidnapping of Lee Hyung-ho can be resolved.

▲ One of the three major unsolved cases in South Korea.

The murder of Lee Hyung-ho was committed on January 29, 1991, by a man believed to be in his 30s. Lee Hyung-ho, who was last seen in the playground, was found dead in a ditch 43 days after the kidnapping. At the time of discovery, his hands were tied with scarves and nylon straps, and the cause of death was found to be suffocated by tape covering his nose and mouth. An autopsy found that the food from the stomach was lunch at a friend's house on the day of the abduction and was presumed to have been killed shortly after the abduction. After analyzing the voice from the criminal's threatening phone calls, he was presumed to be a man in his 30s from Seoul or Gyeonggi Province and threatened the victim's parents with about 50 phone calls and ten messages from 11 p.m. on the day of the incident, which was very meticulous and intelligent.

▲ Lee Hyung-ho was found dead in a ditch 43 days after the kidnapping.

The criminal changed the appointment location and instructed him to deposit money using a post system. The criminal went to the bank to find the money deposited, but when the phrase "accident report account" appeared, the banker was confused, and the suspect who noticed it ran away and failed to arrest him. When it became difficult to get money from a bank account, the criminal chose to get it himself and told him to put a pile of money on his leg. They put the fake money in a newspaper for 100,000 won on top of an iron box. However, detectives confused the location of the iron box, and the criminal disappeared with the money. Since then, the investigation has been mired in mystery, and the statute of limitations expired on January 28, 2006, leaving the case permanently unsolved.

▲ The Current Estimation of The Suspect

Since the body was found, police have switched to open investigations and there had been many suspects, but the culprit has not been caught. This case cannot be pursued even if the statute of limitations for murder expires before the statute of limitations for murder is abolished. However, even if the authorities cannot punish the criminal, they should catch the criminal and release the resentment of Lee Hyung-ho, who died.

August 13th, 2020

by Pyo Seung Hui


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