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Do you like to travel outside and see a beautiful and natural scene in the fall? Then, you should visit natural parks in South Korea. There are many good parks to tour in South Korea in autumn. In Seoraksan National Park and Naejangsan National Park, you can feel the harmony of fall and witness breathtaking mountains.

Seoraksan National Park is the best place to appreciate the beautiful maples. Seoraksan National Park first registered as a nature reserve and later designated as the fifth national park of South Korea in 1970. The mountain's height is 1,708 meters, and it has many scenic spots including Ulsan Rock, Geumgang Cave, and Biryong Falls. This national park is very famous for its outstanding valley and mountain streams. If you visit this park, you can see a lot of colorful maples welcoming you. In Seoraksan National Park, you can see a wonderful and natural environment surrounded by maples.

Next, Naejangsan National Park is also a good place to experience fall. This mountain registered as the sixth national park of South Korea in 1971. It has been widely known as a maple spot for more than 500 years. In addition, it is one of the five most famous mountains in the Honam region, and it is one of the eight scenic spots in South Korea. You can see mountains as well as many peaks, such as Kkachibong Peak and Yeonjibong Peak. Kim Min-jung, who visited this park said that she was surprised upon seeing the beautiful reddish maples. She added that this park is the best place to see the harmonious maples in autumn.

Seoraksan National Park and Naejangsan National Park are the good places for you to tour from September to October. If you really love to go outside and see a natural environment in the fall, it will be a great experience for you to visit these national parks. How about going to these national parks and experience the beauty of the natural environment in autumn?

by Young Chae Lee


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