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Most of the Korean students in middle schools and high schools take part in various school projects. for example, students write an essay or make a presentation about a given topic or have a campaign. These projects can help students in many ways. Also, there is a unique project, making a statistic poster. This project is for the Statistical Utilization Contest which is organized by the National Statistical Office.

▲ Picture introducing the contest from National Statistical Office

The Statistical Utilization Contest in which students make a presentation after making a statistic poster. Also, this is for the students' rational way of thinking and the improvement of their statistical knowledge. Statistic poster is a poster in which the content is the summing up of data using the sundry graph based on the statistics in the official statistics homepage or students can make a survey. Students in a group of two to four can make a statistical poster about any topic. The topic could be like the problem of serious game addiction, the gravity of global warming, or our wrong realization about the disabled.

The statistic poster made by the students contains the motivational purpose about the topic, the process of making the poster and the survey, results of the investigation, the graphs, conclusion and facts, the opinion about the results of the project, and the solution to solve the problem.

▲ One of the poster from the Statistical Utilization Contest

Statistical Utilization Contest organized by the National Statistical Office helps students realize the differences and the various people's opinion about a social problem. Moreover, it can help them to approach the problem from many different points of view, and it also helps the students think about the way to solve the problem. Also, making a statistic poster is helpful for students to have a rational way of thinking and helps them in improving their statistical knowledge which is the biggest goal of this Statistical Utilization Contest.


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