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▲ By John Woolfolk, THE MERCURY NEWS / December 16, 2019
The outbreak of COVID-19 has affected almost all people including students. Also, the opening of schools has been delayed, and online classes are ongoing. Recently, schools started to open one by one. Students are going to school; however, some students go to school on the first and third week, and others go to school on the second and fourth week. The specific weeks when students do not go to school, they have to attend classes online.

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, everyone is afraid of getting infected by the virus. Hence, the opening of schools got delayed, but educating students has to go on. If having offline classes is a problem, then why do students have to do it? With the fact that online classes could be a suitable solution for students' education, the government-mandated online classes from 19 years old students, and the younger students in South Korea should attend online classes. Nowadays, students go to schools, but there are some days that they just stay and study at home. Those days, the attend online classes.

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Still, there are problems going on with online classes. Some said the online classes are not suitable for some students. Unstable servers have made students listen to the audio again. Then some of the young students had problems finding the right servers. A student reporter, Heo Jung Hyun in Gyeong-gi Teenager News, said, that it is hard to have a fine communication with teachers, so if there is a part that he cannot understand, will not be able to ask his teachers right away. Like this, students are having problems while doing online classes.

People are working hard to solve the problems encountered while having classes online. Computer programmers are fixing and expanding the servers for students. Then, the teachers around the country, are trying hard to answer their students' questions as fast as they could. The server has to keep on expanding to save new information so that students' curiosity will never stop. Thus, more budget will be needed. Because of these, the thing that should be done is, inventing a vaccine to treat COVID-19 and to end the chaos caused by the pandemic.

By Seohyeon Choi


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