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▲ Flu Vaccine

Death after getting the flu vaccine is being a big issue in South Korea. Actually, South Korea is a country that has 84.4 percent of its people get the flu vaccine, which is the biggest percentage among OECD countries. However, during a long time of flu vaccine in South Korea, this kind of issue has not been brought up. However, after many people are focusing on this flu vaccine issue, we cannot just go over it.

South Korean government has announced that it would provide free flu vaccine because of covid-19. If you get infected with flu, the possibility to get covid-19 also gets very higher, and it is much more dangerous than usual. However, after October 18th, when the first death was reported, the number of reported dead after the flu vaccine is 94 as of November 5th. At this moment, we should think of what is more dangerous to do.

▲ Number of death due to flu vaccine

The first problem is prolonged exposure to room temperature(20~30°) of the vaccine. The biggest reason why vaccine should be refrigerated is that it is basically protein. The principle of the vaccine is to inject pathogens that are already dead or have lost the function that cannot cause disease, so the body can respond in advance. The pathogen is cultured in protein, which can cause deformation if the cultured protein exceeds the proper storage temperature. Since this vaccine starts deformation, no one knows what side effect will happen.

Since people's anxiety grew, the Health Authorities conducted epidemiological investigations and announced that flu vaccine and deaths were not directly causal. However, still many people fear getting the flu vaccines, and other people try to get paid vaccines instead of free vaccines. This is because the vaccine which has been an issue was free. After all the vaccine which was exposed to room temperature was brought in, still people who have to go flu vaccine died. No one knows the reason.

Covid-19 is a critical virus. The flu can weaken your immune system, dramatically increasing the chances of covid-19 virus infection. Therefore, just not getting the flu vaccine might not be the right answer. In those situations, South Korea needs a wise choice of people and fast, correct handling by the government so that no more death would come up neither by covid-19 nor flu vaccine.

Nov. 14th, 2020

by Kim Si-Hyoung


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