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Jeju-do is a famous island in South Korea. Many Koreans visit there, and they enjoy its sea and great landscapes. Jeju-do is an island, but it is big. Its extent is 1825 km. It feels different when people go there. When Koreans visit there, they feel like they are in other countries. So, it looks like the other great city in other countries. It has beautiful sea color, and there are many horses in Jeju. Also, it has many local specialties. Jeju chocolate and Hanrabong are famous in Jeju. The character that represents Jeju-do is a stone grandpa. You can see it on many sites. It is familiar, and you can buy its small size figurine.

▲ Topography of Jeju-do

Jeju-do has many interesting places. It has many beaches. Each beach has its own trait. So, when you want snorkeling, you can find a beach that is great for snorkeling. If you want a sand beach, you can go. If you want to go to a stone beach, you can go. Also, if you like hiking, Mt. Hallason is great. It is the highest mountain in South Korea. So, it is hard to hike. However, if you reach the peak, you can see how beautiful the peak is. Also, there are Gimyeong Maze Park, Manjanggul Cave, and Sangumburi Crater. There are many horses in Jeju-do. You can ride a horse if you pay money. Lastly, black pigs and seafood ramen are delicious food in Jeju.

▲ beautiful sea of Jeju-do

Jeju-do is an island that is loved by many people. It has many interesting sites and delicious food. If you visit Jeju-do, you can say that it is a great island, and you will enjoy it. It does not matter when you go Jeju-do either summer, winter, Fall, or spring. You can go there anytime because all seasons are beautiful.


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