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With the increasing environmental pollution, we need to change the planet where we are living now and find another planet. Also, we need to find other new resources due to a lack of resources on Earth. There is a right way to solve this problem through aerospace technology.

▲ Manufacture of satellite is also included in aerospace industry.

The aerospace industry is concerned with the design and manufacture of aircraft, missiles, and spacecraft that operate in aerospace. There are two main types of aerospace: aviation field and satellite field. In the aviation field, engineers should accumulate key technologies for fixed and rotary aircraft and unmanned aircraft. According to the participants of the satellite field, to obtain independent satellite information, they developed and operated high-resolution optical observation radar, multi-purpose satellite series capable of infrared observation, independent meteorological and marine observation, and also possessed advanced satellite assembly and testing facilities.

The prospect of the aerospace industry is so bright that they increase every year. The stable growth is prospected due to Earth's developing demand increase. In an interview with Jose Cops, a current space engineer, he shared about his life in space. Moreover, he said that he majored in the stem field which means a mixture of science, technology, engineering, and math. He considered his aptitude, ability, and carefulness whether to become a leader in the field or not. Also, he said to young children that they should take stem career. He definitely recommended it. It was because he had encountered opportunities that he never would have imagined. The stem industry gave him an opportunity to balance his career. He believed that it is also important to have a great mentor.

▲ NASA is one of the most famous space industry station which works for space.

Space engineers require many things such as skills, adaptive capacity, and leadership. There are many jobs that are expected to increase in the future. However, among them, many people said that the field of aerospace is also one of the most in-demand jobs in the future.

By Park Jun Hyeong


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