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As our community changes with technology, lots of jobs are changing. Nowadays, promising jobs are changing to technological jobs related, specifically information technology(IT). IT is growing bigger and more influential in our society. IT manager is one of the promising jobs in the future. IT workers fix technology, upgrade software, and most of the things related to IT. Moreover, the IT manager is the leader of those IT workers who are responsible for managing the workers.

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IT managers do various kinds of jobs. They analyze their organization's computer needs and recommend possible upgrades for the executives. Also, they plan and direct the installation of software and hardware. At General Security, they interviewed one of the IT managers who is currently working as one of them. The question was, "What would you say is the most important function of being an IT manager?" He answered that managing a company's resources are probably the most important function of being an IT manager. He added that it encompasses so much of what the business needs to get things done, and the IT department is responsible for some very important and valuable assets. As his answer, IT managers sometimes take care of the company's assets which is very important for them and for the company.

▲ Malcolm, Tatum. What does an IT Manager do?. wisegeek.com. October 31, 2020

Moreover, an IT manager needs various skills and knowledge, which could be tricky for some people. To become an IT manager a bachelor's degree in computer science or information technology will be needed. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Carnegie Mellon University. or the University of Texas is recommended as a school for computer degrees. In addition, internship experience could help to become an IT manager. However, to be an intern, there is tough competition among other intern aspirants. To become a better IT manager, to study more and deeper in information technology...is a must.


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