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In 2020, many people spent hard times due to COVID-19. Due to COVID-19, almost all people could not go abroad or travel easily. As a result of this, many people found a variety of ways of traveling that they can enjoy.

The effects of COVID-19 on traveling are very serious. The number of people traveling abroad in South Korea since March has decreased by more than 95 percent compared with the previous year. It is a very shocking result. Now, a lot of countries including South Korea made people stop traveling abroad for safety. However, people really want to travel and enjoy lots of various ways although COVID-19 makes people sop from traveling abroad.

▲ There are few people in the airport because of COVID-19.

First, glamping and camping become very popular in 2020. People decide to go to local places because they cannot go abroad. The number of reservations for camping this year rose more than 30 percent compared with the previous year. Also, the number of people who get licenses to drive camping car this year is the highest ever. Another way of traveling is a staycation. Many people stay at home or a hotel because the outdoor activities are limited. Therefore, the percentage of the reservation of hotels or pensions increased a lot. There are policies the government made. The reservation system for beaches appeared during the summer to avoid crowding people. Also, it tries to help the travel industry by discounting events or changing regulations.

▲ Many people enjoy glamping and camping during the pandemic.

Although people are spending hard times, they try to find new various ways instead. With the hard works of people, they can overcome this hard period, and they will be able to enjoy their freedom to the fullest when the hard times over.

December 5th, 2020

By Yu Dong-hoon


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