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Lots of people travel around the world just for a tour, for there, and for the experience. In Daihyun Middle School, they started for the first graders to make their own plans for the world tour. Daihyun Middle School started this project expecting the students to understand the difficulty of planning a tour. Also, they wanted the students to learn about the benefits of traveling.

The 'Planning the World Tour' project is about planning specific ways of

▲, by Ash A.

traveling the world. First, it should include where are they going to travel. Not just the countries, but also, where in the country should they visit. Second, when are they going to travel. This is important because the weather and the cost might depend on when are they going to travel. Lastly, how much will it cost? This is also important because this will make the student think about the economical side of traveling.

When making this project, students had to spend lots of time searching the information about the countries they wanted to visit. They had to select at least five countries, and they needed exact facts and the prices for the project. Some students complained that the country they are trying to search for does not have a lot of information because, in this country, only a few people had visited before. They also needed to find the exact times and places because to know the price of the hotel, they needed to type in the time and date. Also, because of the transportation, they needed to use during the tour.

During this project, most of the first graders in Daihyun Middle School

▲, June 23rd 2017

claimed that it took more than eight hours to plan for this project in a day and the project was too tough for them to finish in two weeks. We interviewed one of the students who is currently enrolled in Daihyun Middle School. She claimed that this project really helped her to realize that planning a tour is not an easy thing to do. For her, it took about eight hours to finish this project. However, it was still enjoyable and interesting because it made her feel like she would really go on this tour someday. Also, she could learn about some different cultures from other countries. Her claim towards the project showed that students were actually able to experience the difficulty of planning a tour. Students could gain their experience of planning something accurately, and they could learn about different cultures during this project.


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