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People use things, throw them away, and they repeat this process. In July 2020, Seoul city had an investigation for a thousand grown-ups to identify non-preference facilities. According to that investigation, the worst non-preference facilities are the waste landfills and incineration plants. However, they are the most essential facilities of our life. I interviewed a member of an environmental energy facility in Goyang city.

▲ Environmental energy facility of Goyang city

▲by NSP 통신 article

This environmental energy facility materialized the dream of ‘Waste to Energy.’ They change domestic waste into a resource for citizens' lives. People use standard plastic garbage bags for the regular waste. It comes to this facility and is melted by high heat which is over 1,700 degrees Celsius. The raw material of this process is coke. After incineration, they classify metal and slag from residue for goods for sale. They recycle the incineration ashes. Lastly, they reduce pollutants which are made after waste disposal progresses, and it changes to vapor. Most importantly, when pollutants in vapor go outside through the chimney, it is automatically measured by TMS(Telemonitoring Systems). So if the amount of pollutants exceeds the limits, the members of this facility manage and operate.

My interviewee analyzes the experiment about coolant and boiler water, she measures the environmental pollutant especially for atmosphere, water quality, and waste, and she conducts a tour of a garbage incineration plant.

Every month, 700 thousand tons of garbage are incinerated. At the same time, the environment is deeply affected by the garbage. So citizens have to reduce the amount of garbage, and the most important thing to do is recycle. Sometimes, she actually sees the recyclables in the regular garbage. It is obstructive of the incineration process. And she added that reducing waste can come true when people take the inconvenience.

After the pandemic, 8,700 tons of garbage increased for a year in Goyang city as the usage of delivery food increased. Not only for Goyang city, on a national scale, but plastic waste’s amount is also extremely increased.

She mentioned prejudices of basic treatment of facilities. Most people still oppose entering the incineration facility in their town. It is considered a common problem in news and articles. And now we need to correct the prejudice because this facility is imperative for everyday life.

Now, the number of visitors decreased after the pandemic, but before COVID-19, more than 2,000 people visited this incineration plant every year. When they actually see the piles of garbage and realize the importance of reducing garbage and recycling, and perceive the necessity of incineration plants, she feels rewarded for her work. Lastly, she hopes to COVID-19 becomes stable, so people can visit the incineration plant to realize the seriousness of garbage.


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