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Korean Lunar New Year is commonly called Seollal.” It’s one of the most important holidays in Korea. People hold a memorial service for their ancestors. The whole family gathered and enjoyed the first day of the year together. People usually eat the food from the ancestral rites table after the memorial service in the early morning. This year, people couldn’t gather in a house because of COVIID-19. So my family members decided to make some food together just for our family. I filmed the process of making Seollal food.

▲ ˝Japchae,˝ mixed dish of boiled bean threads

▲ ˝Sanjeok,˝ Korean (shish) kebab

Photos by Yeojin Park

Above so many Korean traditions in Seollal, there is Tteokguk, which is a soup with sliced rice cake. This is for peace and prosperity for a year. The main ingredient of this is a stick of rounded rice cake. It represents the longevity and the bright prospect for the New year. There is a funny story about Tteokguk. People say that “If you eat a bowl of this soup, you are one year older.” Because the new year is similar to a birthday for Koreans.

Also, people perform the New Year's bow to their elders such as their parents and grandparents. Usually, elders give some money to children mostly those who are under 20 years old. There is a custom that they give new bills. Actually, according to some banks in Korea, the new bill exchanging rate increased before the new year. Grandparents give their grandchildren the words of blessing for a happy year.

Recently, it's not a common affair that people enjoy traditional play, but there are so many interesting folk games to do in Seollal. There are kite-flying, top-spinning games, playing yut, and even more things. In most of Korea's traditional play, people need to cooperate to win. Now, people can only see these plays in some events. It is very sad that these traditional plays were almost forgotten even for grown-ups. The meaning of Seollal is having an enjoyable time with the families. And these traditional plays are the best way to enjoy New Year's Day.

Many Koreans felt the lack of the rest of their family in this year’s Seollal. I hope that this year will be fortunate, affluent, and stay healthy for the most.

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I filmed the process of making Seollal food. Happy new year!

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