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Since the cases of animals infected with COVID-19 are increasing all over the world, lots of people are interested in the correlation of the virus between humans and animals. However, the exact fact of the virus can be transmitted to humans by animals is not sure.

Numerous cases of the world's animal infection of the virus are reported. The first in South Korea was the cat in the international prayer house in Jinju. It is found that one of the three cats was infected from the family staying in the prayer house. Also, there are more cases that the cat or a dog has been infected by the owner in South Korea. Like this, the cases all over the world are usually after contacting people who are already infected.

▲ In Jinju Korea, a cat has been infected COVID.

CDC, in the US said that there is no meaningful proof that animals make human infected and the danger of virus being transmitted from animals to humans seems to be low.

Since the animals are being infected, the company named Zotis developed an animal exclusive vaccine. Four orangutans and bonobos in San Diego Zoological Garden in California, USA were the first primate which was vaccinated the COVID vaccine. According to the zoo caretakers, animals were vaccinated twice and no side effects had been discovered.

▲ In USA, primate was vaccinated as a first time.

Animals all over the world are being infected with COVID-19. Although the exact reason and the fact between infection of humans and animals have not been verified, the government is recommending to take two meters away from other people when taking a walk and to call the hospital before visiting when the pet is showing a symptom to protect the pets from the virus.

March 14th, 2021

by Kim Won Hwi


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