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From March to May, when the low atmospheric pressure activity becomes active, it is hard to see clear blue sky. This is because of the yellow dust. It covers all the sky together with fine dust and makes the sky look yellow and gray. Yellow dust is a phenomenon that fine sand dust blown up by the wind in the dry of yellow areas of northern China or Mongolia spreads in the atmosphere and covers the sky and slowly drops down. The west wind carries the dust and goes through South Korea. At this point, the size of the dust is from 0.2 to 20μm which is much smaller than our hair which is 50~70μm. When its diameter is under 10μm (PM-10), we call then fine dust and under 2.5μm (PM-2.5), we call them ultrafine particles.

▲ photo of the city covered with yellow dust

On March 29th, 2021, this yellow dust reached the highest point. it covered the entire sky of South Korea. On this day, 17 cities were warned a yellow dust warning. This was the first time in 11 years after 2010 March to have a warning in the whole country. It peaked as high as 973 micrograms per cubic meter in Gunsan. The numerical value over 800μg/m points to the status of "very bad."

▲ photo of the city covered with fine dust

The particular reason why yellow dust threatens our health is clear. This dust passes China's industrialized area and carries heavy metals such as silicon, lead, cadmium, nickel, and chrome. Also, the fine dust caused by oil, coal, or cigarette smoke discharge gas pass our bronchial tubes and cause various lung diseases. It also worsens asthma and causes skin troubles.

Since the world is going through an industrial stage, the seriousness of dust is being worse. To deal with this phenomenon, we must go out less frequently. When we are in an unavoidable situation, we must put on a mask and avoid wearing lends on our eyes. After going out, we must take a shower immediately and especially wash our eyes, neck, and inside the nose. Also, drinking lots of water can help.

April 10th, 2021

by Kim Won Hwi


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