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  • 기사등록 2021-04-13 13:24:57

COVID-19, the respiratory infectious disease, is a new virus that appeared in China in 2019. People have been suffering from this virus up to now. It is highly contagious than other diseases, so people can get COVID-19 easily. It has given much pain to many people and taken many lives of people by this time.

COVID-19 appeared in 2019, and it has been changing our lives completely. Thus, many people became uncomfortable with COVID-19. First, people must wear a mask when they are outside. Those who are not following the law must pay a fine. So, people have no choice but to wear a mask. Education is being affected by this virus, too. The starting school was postponed unprecedentedly, and the classes are progressed online. Also, since people are required to do social distancing, they prefer to stay at home, so it caused depression corona blue.

The medical experts say, that if people do not keep the prevention of epidemics rule social distancing, COVID-19, the horrible disaster, will never stop. Then, what can people do to stop this situation? According to the experts, washing hands is very useful to prevent COVID-19. Refraining to go out as possible is also good prevention.

Today, the COVID-19 is causing a lot of pain to many people. Therefore, people have to keep the prevention to stop this terrible calamity.


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