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Nowadays, BTS is the rising celebrity of South Korea. Most people know this idol group. The fans of this group, Army, are from most of the areas in the world. As they have many fans, they give a lot of effects to people all over the world. They already gave many fields of help; to teenagers, and to the economy of South Korea, by making the Korean wave hotter, and spreading Korean culture.

내가 방탄소년단을 좋아하는 이유

BTS had made a campaign called "Love myself," as similar to their song's title, together with UNICEF. Also, they had given their messages to teens who are suffocating and waiting for a hand to help. Their messages gave a lot of help to youngsters and saved them. Thanks to this event, the estimation of BTS is also good. Young-woo Park, the Minister of Culture in Korea, had said that BTS music is a kind of cure to people all over the world who are suffering from COVID-19 and is a Cultural Pride to South Korea.

In their music video of their song "Idol," they wore traditional clothes of South Korea, Hanbok. After that, foreigners, who came to South Korea, bought or borrowed it and visited the traditional places of South Korea. Many famous people from all over the world had mentioned it as not only beautiful but also showing the spirit of Korean culture, making it more remarkable than before. That is not all, Time, Magazine of America, had estimated BTS as " This Year's Celebrity."

Following the research of the Ministry of Culture, BTS gave a big economic effect; 1.7 trillion won, with Billboard the first Korean artist to achieve first place. Also, the Ministry of Culture had mentioned that more than 1.7 percent of foreigners came to South Korea from 2019 to 2020.

BTS gave good effects to South Korea, and also on people from all over the world People who follow them modeled themselves, and help people who are sick and suffering from problems in various fields. They gave not only good effects, but also the mind to fulfill and materialize food things for South Korea.


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