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▲ How does the government inform people`s movement

The COVID-19 virus began spreading last year. Contrary to many people's expectations, it was not easily conquered, and the WHO eventually declared a pandemic. Because of a chaotic situation, many countries, including South Korea, have begun to quarantine and control the spread of the virus in their own ways. Recently, South Korea is considered a country that has pretty successfully carried out quarantine. However, behind that kind of successful result, there is a way in which some people might disagree. It is to block people's clandestine activities by publicly informing them of their personal information, just like the disclosure of their movements. The Korean government is still using this way, but in some quarters, there are people who are taking issue with it.

▲ Arguing about keeping privacy

Disclosing infected people's movements and the place they have been being not a big deal. However, we need to think about keeping their private life. Right after someone turned out to be a confirmed case, disclosing his or her every movement to every single person in South Korea through a text message is kind of wicked. We can see it as we are being watched by the government. There is no doubt that it is useful to stop making more infected people, but privacy is very important and must be protected. So, this argument is about which has a more important value-privacy of a person, who can be anyone or the public health.

▲ Pros and cons about gathering private information

The Korean government is regarding public health as a more important value than one person's privacy. That is why the government keeps on informing people about infected people's movement through text messages. Then, thanks to this way, South Korea has also succeeded pretty much to stop making more infected people of COVID-19. Through this situation since last year, now we can conclude about the importance between the two values. In normal times, the privacy of individuals is very important and must be protected. However, in such an extreme and urgent situation like the pandemic, public health is the most important value that must be protected. Even if privacy is compromised, to maintain public health, it can be justified. Free terrestrial is definitely not the best option in a pandemic.

18th. August. 2021

by Kim Si-hyoung


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