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There are a lot of school events at Hakseong Middle School in Ulsan, South Korea. Out of these events, this article will introduce the employment counseling event which will be held in April.

▲ job counseling appearance

First, employment counseling is an event that helps students to choose a job for their future. This will help because the students who had a counseling session will be given advice and will be able to study for the job they want faster. To be able to join the counseling event, we have to fill out a questionnaire. After this questionnaire is delivered to the school counselor he or she will find the best advice for us and give this advice to us at the event.

▲ things happening in counseling

However, the students, opinion about this employment counseling is divided into two. One of the students, Kim Junhyeon, said that he is still young, so he does not have to do this. It is because he said that he has a lot of time left to think about his future and job. On the opposite side, Kim Donghyun said that it is really helpful. The reason why he said this is that he is now able to study for his future job. Some students who once joined this event said that after the event they got a higher score at what they needed for the future job and have done extra studies for the job they have dreamed of. Also, they got a higher score in each related subject.

Among Hakseong Middle School events, employment counseling is considered one of the most important events. The purpose of this is to help the students choose a job and prepare for it. The process is to fill out a questionnaire, give it to the school counselor and get some advice. The opinion was divided into two. One is that it is too early to think about a future job. The other side's opinion is that it is really helpful because they got more time to think about the future job. Because of this event, the students were able to prepare for their future jobs, unlike others who did not have the counseling. For the new students, they should get good advice from counselors to have more time to think about the future job by participating in employment counseling.

By Minchae Seo


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