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King Sejong the Great was the fourth king of Joseon. Although there were a series of actions and accidents that have undermined his dignity, King Sejong did his best and has remained in many people's memories these days. He made a lot of efforts such as laying the foundation for Confucianism, creating Korean script, and developing science and technology. His ability to stabilize the country was remarkable.

▲ the fourth king of Joseon: King Sejong the Great

One of King Sejong the Great's greatest works was creating Hangul. Hangul, which Korea uses today, is called Korean script (Hunminjeongum) at that time, which is the best achievement he has ever made. He created Korea's own language through The Hal of Worthies with the cooperation of the small scholars in a short period of time. Recognizing this, we can estimate that this era of cultural awareness and level was highly great.

▲ Hangul created by King Sejong the Great

Another factor that influences South Korea is the foundation for Confucianism. The period of King Sejong was an era of Confucianism and brilliant culture in the history of the nation. Many talented people were trained through the Hall of Worthies, rituals and systems based on Confucian politics were reorganized. Moreover, there were a wide variety of compilation projects Sejong achieved successfully.

Furthermore, King Sejong the Great made great strides in science and technology. For example, he made Gyeonghoeru Pavilion, celestial globe, clepsydra, Okru, sundial, water clock, barrel angle, rain gauge, and more. Officials used these instruments to observe astronomy and measure rainfall every night. Above this, they used them in many ways to make people's life more convenient.

For 32 years, Joseon faced many problems like the royal rebellion. However, King Sejong the Great overcame these difficulties by relieving people and creating greatly influenced tools that people can use in many various ways to live more comfortably. These trials not only produce many changes but also affect our lives. Let us remember King Sejong's achievements and respect him.

By Seojin Kim


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