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In my neighborhood, there are many events including Ulsan Rose Festival, Ulsan Whale Festival, and Cheoyoung Cultural Festival. You can enjoy the various colors and styles of the festivals. They are usually held in May or October.

First of all, Ulsan Rose Festival is held from April 19 to May 16.

▲ Covid-19 is a big obstacle for many festivals.

It holds many programs related to roses. It is famous to people around Ulsan and other provinces. It consists of a multimedia laser show, an opening parade, and a walking parade. Although the big events were canceled in last two years due to covid-19, people can visit and enjoy the beautiful rose flowers. In addition, Ulsan Whale Festival is held in May. It consists of opening, closing, multimedia show, and fire show. People shed new light on the history of whale hunting in ancient times. It is important for cultural value and symbolization. They were canceled last year because of Covid-19, but they are expected to be held this year.

Third, Ulsan Cheoyoung Cultural Festival is held in October. It provides us a venue for civic harmony and a pan-citizen festival. Also, the street parade comes from hunkang king's world procession. People meet at Cheoyoung and come back to Gyeongju. It is started with Cheoyoung Mu performance. This festival was held online last year. But, they are going to be held this year.

▲ Ulsan Cheoyoung Cultural Festival is held in October.

People who have been living in Ulsan for a long time have a great experience through this festival. Let us hear people's impressions. To hear how people think, an interview was conducted with Park, 50 years old living in the city. He said that through this festival, he could learn and feel many things, and he could experience traditional culture and entertainment. It was such a great experience, and he hopes to have this opportunity again next time.

Nowadays, these three festivals become the most famous representative festivals in Ulsan. They are famous enough to bring in people from other parts of the country. As a result, Ulsan's size and reputation are growing. The main purpose of these festivals is to provide entertainment and give lessons about Korean culture. Visit Ulsan and enjoy them.


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