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Due to COVID-19, contact with people has become cautious, so many parts of humans' lifestyles have changed. It made people scare going outside. So, as tourists have decreased for that reason, the travel industry is affected a lot. In two years, the travel trend was also changed extremely, and it would persist after its end.

▲ Travel trend would be changed differently when COVID-19 ends.

Instead of overseas travel, domestic travel is becoming popular. According to Interpark Tour, the total number of domestic accommodation reservations from January to April has increased to one hundred forty-three percent compared to the last year's one. People still fear traveling to a foreign country because they think there would be a chance to be infected by COVID-19. For that reason, domestic travel is a representative trend now. It has less fear in terms of safety compared to overseas travel. Following this trend, local tours and suburban tours are newly rising.

▲ Domestic travel would be a popular travel trend.

Furthermore, tour for healing is an essential trend recently. Many people are tired because of COVID-19. So, they want physical and mental breaks. This is why healing became a trend during COVID-19. People start to pursue a small scale and free travel. Related to this trend, sightseeing to natural environmental places such as mountains and the sea is becoming famous since it makes their mind clear. Health is also another trend from this theme, so healthy activities like hiking are one of the popular tour elements.

▲ As health becomes important, healthy activities will be famous for travel packages.

Since travel trends became different with COVID-19, the travel industry would change a lot in post-COVID-19. Fortunately, the vaccination rate is rising this year. Due to this, the travel industry also seems to rise. Then, each country should grasp these trends and develop its cities suitably.

June 6th, 2021

By Kang Jine Ie


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