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Eco-friendly cars, also called 'green cars' are being popularized. Eco-friendly cars are automobiles which have an excellent energy efficiency ratio and fulfill the criteria of non-pollutant of low pollutant. These cars have less exhaustion of carbon dioxide compared to the existing diesel locomotive. They also have better fuel efficiency. Therefore, eco-friendly cars are being loved by lots of people.

Eco-friendly cars can be divided up into four types. First, 'hybrid electric vehicle' is driven by the engine and motor power combined. Its fuel efficiency is more than 40 percent higher than diesel locomotive and has less waste gas. Second, 'plug-in hybrid electric vehicle' uses charged energy. It brings energy from external electrical power. Third, 'electric vehicle' does not use any fossil fuels, which is completely nonpolluting. It does not have an engine, so it does not emit any effluent gas or greenhouse gas. Lastly, 'fuel cell electric vehicle' uses hydrogen and oxygen in the air. It only emits water, so it is also called an environmental vehicle that can help solve the environmental problem.

▲ Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle

These eco-friendly cars' usage has been growing quickly. Last year, 71 percent of total vehicles purchased by public organizations were mostly eco-friendly cars. About 609 public organizations purchased 7,736 automobiles last year, and 5,494 of them were eco-friendly cars. Moreover, the government started a project called Korean Pollution Free Conversion 100 (K-EV100). This project is to switch cars into eco-friendly ones in South Korea. Companies that participate in this project should 100 percent change their vehicles into eco-friendly cars until 2030. Kia, Hyundai, Samsung, SK, and Posco are some of the companies participating in this project.

▲ K-EV100 agreement

The government is also giving benefits. Vehicle purchase subsidies are provided to those who are buying eco-friendly cars, and some discounts in a parking lot and highway are possible. These benefits are given to increase the usage of eco-friendly cars and lower the effluent gas.

These days, eco-friendly cars are being generalized, which may help solve the environmental problem in the future.

June 13th, 2021

by Kim Won Hwi


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