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There are many kinds of festivals in South Korea. Some domestic festivals so famous that many foreigners come to South Korea just to enjoy these festivals, and some became popular with local citizens. Some of the domestic festivals that you might have heard before are Busan Port Festivals, Boryeon gMud Festivals, and Jeonju Cultural Heritage Night Tour.

First, one of the world's top five seaports festivals is Busan Port Festivals. Busan Port Festival is an annual festival that is held on May 31, 2008. Because of this festival, the number of people who have visited this place is increasing. When you join this festival, you can enjoy doing different activities such as watching firework shows, learning about Busan port and its history and many more. This festival is celebrated to publicize Busan. Many people believe this festival is more interesting than other festivals because it is held at the sea.

▲ Busan Port Festival

Second, Boryeong Mud Festival is celebrated annually since 1998 every July. However, this year, because of the pandemic, it was celebrated online and offline from July 23 to August 1 in Boryeong which has 36 kilometers coast covered with mud. This festival is held on this mud. The mud in Boryeong is proven to be good for our bodies. To be specific, it is good for our skin with a good skincare effect.

▲ Boryeong Mud Festival

Finally, Jeongju Cultural Heritage Night Tour is an interesting festival, too. You can think of traditional things such as Village of the Traditional Houses and Jeonju bibimbap when you hear Jeonju. As you think, this festival is very traditional. It is held from June 18 to June 9 from 6 p.m. to 11 p.m. This tour is focused on preserving and remembering South Korea's heritage and ancestors' spirits.

▲ Jeongju Cultural Heritage Night Tour

Jun. 24th, 2021

by Moon Jeongwon


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