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The Ministry of Trade and Industry held a forum on standardizing electric vehicles. It was about the basic rules for five industries based on water-cooled rapid charging and wireless charging. These platforms lead to the standardization of batteries, electric motorcycles, and V2 greed technologies. One of the joining organizations, KIST, will give an effort on wireless charging technology while driving.

▲ Electric road which can help charging while driving.

Wireless charging is the next generation of charging methods that will allow vehicles to be charged simultaneously while parking or while driving. Above the 50kW output, technology was suggested by South Korea. If the 50kW class wireless charging proposed by South Korea is commercialized, a vehicle can be charged up to 80 percent of the battery capacity for about one hour. It can run up four to five km even with a one-minute charge while waiting for a traffic signal. Another plan is for solid-state batteries that will replace lithium-ion batteries. These batteries are called next-generation batteries, and South Korea is giving an effort the standardize these batteries.

▲ `Wireless charging road` that charges running buses. Copyright by / BISION

Lee Sang-hoon, director of the National Institute of Technology and Standards at the Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Energy, said that based on innovative technologies such as high-power charging while stationary and charging while driving, South Korea can lead the international standardization of wireless charging technology for electric vehicles. As interest in wireless charging technology is increasing, South Korea will acquire international standards. By these things, he will support their company of entering the world market someday.

The standardization of electric cars technologies will be commercialized. Wireless charging while driving is expected to be applied first to buses that run on fixed routes. As the battery can be charged while driving, it is expected to be a medium of spreading electric cars production.

July 18th, 2021

By Ki Yoon Um


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