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Nowadays, with the appearance of various books, literature has been established as a representative culture of Korea. Among them, well-known books also appear. Among them, well-known writers and books also appear. A typical example is Sun-won Hwang who wrote "Rain Showers" and You-jung Kim, who wrote "Camellia." They wrote very creative and novel stories. Their literature masterpieces have been loving by many people.

Sun-won Hwang, was born in 1915. He taught students as teachers first, then he debuted his author's

life from Swamp, his debuting work. He wrote a lot of stories after that. Even, he did not stop writing books during the Japanese colonial era. After independence from Japan, he started to write mainly full-length novels. Finally, he finished all his works in 1992 and died in 2000.

Sun-won Hwang left behind many masterpieces. His typical masterpiece is Rain Showers, which is about a boy and girl sad love story. It is being loved until now.

You-joung Kim, was born in a wealthy family in 1908, then he started his work from Shower, his debut work. In 1937, he died early by chronic diseases degenerate, unfortunately. Before he died, he wrote many literate masterpieces, and he also worked as a translator. His most well-known masterpiece is Camellia, which is about a boy and girl happy ending love story. It is also being loved by many people, too.

Literature is being loved by many people in modern life. Sun-won Hwang and You-joung Kim. Who are the very greatest authors, and their works will be remembered forever.


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