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Nowadays, qualified architects are needed for our future. A qualified architect mostly plans on how to build a building and the administration of construction According to one of the architecture and construction websites, an architect is one of the trending and promising jobs

First, a qualified architect is a person who has passed the qualification examination conducted by the Minister of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport and performs construction projects, such as the design of buildings and supervision of construction works. Qualified architects are working in partnership with many architects. Qualified architects usually plan on how to build and where to place a thing for decoration. Mostly, they make a decision on how to satisfy their consumers.

▲ design drawing (Source: lovepik.com)

In an interview with a South Korean famous architect, Kim Young Su, he said that to be a qualified architect, they need to have an ability to read people's minds. That way, they will design a good house for a customer to live in. They have to have a good sense of design and to have a good understanding of space. They have to have good presentation skills to persuade people, need to speak well, and their hands should be ready to clean up their eyes in a short time. They need to be logical, too.

▲ construction sites (Source: getty images)

This time, we had searched for a qualified architect. To be a qualified architects, we should have to read people's minds. Also, we need to have good presentation skills to persuade people. A qualified architect will be one of the most needful careers. It is because, in the future, we need a person to design a house and plan how to make a house. With this being said, it may be challenging. However, why not become a qualified architect who reshapes life nowadays?

By Myeong Geun Jeong


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