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There is a growing interest in animals and animal trainers because people with pets are increasing. Then, what is the job of an animal behavior trainer? Animal behavior trainer is a job that helps animals to learn and be trained. To be an animal behavior trainer, feeling of liking animals and trying to understand them are the most important.

▲ Training Dogs of the Animal Trainer

First of all, the fields of animal trainers are very diverse. There are military animal trainers, drug and bomb detection animal trainers, or just normal animal trainers. Among these various kinds of animal trainers, animal behavior trainers help harmonize with pets and owners that are in trouble. If you want to be an animal behavior trainer, you need to major in pet-related studies, or in other cases, you can learn as an apprentice through related departments, academies, and centers. After knowing what you like, you need to learn more and more knowledge about your job. In addition, the most important thing of being an animal behavior trainer is understanding them through many personal or hands-on experiences.

▲ Kang Hyung Wook Animal Behavior Trainer with Dog

According to an interview with Kang Hyung Wook, who is a famous animal behavior trainer, he said that fully acquiring basic information such as nature, propensity or food intake of animals is essential. Not walking as a manual or formula with judgment according to each moment is needed. When he was asked a question about what is needed. When he was asked a question about what is most vital, he said that when the animals follow him well like they understand his words, he feels that his job is so appealing. He also said that the most impressive moment is when guardians do not give up and exert effort to live happily with their pets. Then, when a guardian goes, an animal goes along and changes. Finally, he said that he never regrets his job. This choice was the most important choice in his life.

By Park Seo Young


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