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Due to COVID-19, it became very hard for people to travel abroad.

▲ Kim Ok-sun, Introduced the first Draken Valley in Korea, May 2nd 2018

Nevertheless, the second summer since the pandemic has occurred is coming. People started to prepare for their nice relaxing vacation within the country. As lots of people started to search for domestic travel, theme parks, and amusement parks are becoming one of the most notable tourist places. Gyeongju World, the second oldest amusement park in South Korea, is also attracting attention from people.

Gyeongju World is a theme park with four kinds of different themes mixed in. There is X-zone, Wizard Garden, Draken Valley, and Snow Park. X-zone is full of thrilling attractions such as the Phaethon, a roller coaster, mega-drop, Tornado, biking with huge spin, and many more. Wizard Garden is a theme full of attractions for small children. It has small attractions which are usually for children. In Draken Valley, there are big and thrilling attractions with a theme related to dragons. Draken, a roller coaster, Dragon Race, and Klake are the rides in Draken Valley. Snow Park is only open during the winter season. Not only theme attractions but there are also 149 attractions in Gyeongju World.

▲ Ji-B, Reviews of Gyeongju World Draken, July 24th 2018

In Gyeongju World, they also have lots of food stores and souvenir stores to enjoy with the attractions. The food stores have hot dogs, churros, drinks, ice creams, and many more. At the souvenir stores, people can buy animal hair bands with cute animals' ears on them. There are some restaurants in the park that serve noodles, hamburgers, and dumplings. They are always ready for people who are hungry.

Gyeongju World is open every day except on the first Tuesday of each month. On weekdays, it opens at nine fifty in the morning and closes at six in the afternoon. However, on the weekends, it is open until eight in the morning. For adults, it costs 47,000 won, and for teenagers, it is 39,000 won. For children, it is 33,000 won. However, there are affiliate cards that are available to use for discounts.

I hope people will have a great vacation in Gyeongju World.

By Seohyeon Choi


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