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The more low fertility and elderly society increase, the more people get concerned about their health. People who have some health problems or worries see a doctor. A doctor is a career that helps to cure diseases of people with certain qualifications. Their work is so important and demands many certain abilities because they can even change a patient's life.

Doctors diagnose people with health problems or diseases and give some advice or cure them. Therefore, their role is helping or giving promotion of human's health. There are numerous kinds of doctors, such as internal medicine, pediatrics, pain, nerve, orthopedics, dermatology, psychiatry, thoracic surgeon, and general surgeon. A famous doctor in Joongang University, Jeong Soo Song described doctors' special features. He said doctors have to give happiness and pleasure to patients by curing them and have to have a responsibility as a doctor.

▲ doctors who are doing the surgeon

The way to be a doctor needs various qualifications. First, the students who want to be a doctor need to prepare to get a qualification like National Professional Certificate. They need to graduate from the College of Medicine. There are famous schools that release many doctors, for instance, Sungkyunkwan, Catholic, Konkook, Seoul, Ulsan, Yonsei, and Joongang University. They have to study medicines or kinds of doctors' work that they want to join. Second, they have to take a test. When the organizations like National Health Personnel Licensing Examination Board holds a test, they have to take the test to get a qualification.

There are many students who want to be a doctor. However, some experts have been saying the development of AI is treating human doctors' work. To know more, in Children's National Health System, they did an experiment called Smart Tissue Autonomous Robots to compare the surgeons' work and robots' work. They compared three methods that one of them had a robot. Surely, the method that had a robot did not need humans and could be compared with other methods. However, they got a result that robots can make the promotion of doctors' ability, no everything. Not only AI treatment is so expensive but also there are still many kinds of work that need humans, medicine still needs human doctors.

▲ AI that is doing the surgeon

By So Yi Park


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