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Have you ever heard about a doctor who always wears surgical clothes because he does not know when and where to get surgery? The story is about the best Korean trauma surgeon, Dr. Lee Guk-jong. He is the leading authority in the treatment of trauma, post-traumatic stress disorder, and gunshot wounds. He has been highly evaluated by people not only for his ability but also for his posture as a surgeon.

Dr. Lee Guk-jong's childhood was not prosperous. His father was a man of national merit who had an injury in the war. He suffered from sinusitis due to a chronic illness and tried to get treatment by using a medical welfare card for a man of national merit. However, from the hospital's point of view, it was said that there were many times when treatment was rejected because it did not make money. So, he was determined that when he grows up, he will not disregard sick people. Based on these thoughts, he graduated from the school of medicine at Ajou University.

After that, Dr. Lee Guk-jong grew up as a doctor. Meanwhile, an incident occurred that made him recognized as the best doctor. The name of the incident was the "treatment of Captain Seok Hae-gyun during Operation Dawn of Gulf of Aden". In January 2011, the Samho Jewelry of Korea's Samho Shipping Co. was hijacked by Somali pirates. Republic of Korea UDT/SEALS were sent to retake the boat and wipe out the pirates. During the operation, Captain Seok Hae-gyun was seriously wounded by a gunshot. He underwent surgery at Oman University Hospital but soon fell into critical condition. After news got back to South Korea, Professor Guk-jong was immediately dispatched to Oman. After checking Hae-gyun's condition, he made the judgment that Hae-gyun would die if left in Oman and insisted on escorting Captain Seok back to South Korea using an air ambulance. However, the air ambulance intended to be used for the evacuation cost about US $380,000 to rent. As the Korean government stalled in providing payment, Guk-jong stated that he would pay for the rent and that they needed to transfer him immediately. The situation was settled with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs eventually agreeing to pay for the expenses. After transferring Captain Seok to South Korea, Lee Guk-jong successfully conducted surgery on him. After the recovery of Captain Seok, both Seok and Guk-jong received medals for the incident bringing Guk-jong and Ajou University Hospital national recognition.

In this incident, Professor Lee Guk-jong's famous quote appears. “I will pay my money, so let us transfer it first." Through this quote, we can know that he is a doctor which a great professional spirit who is responsible for the patient's life in any situation. Although it seems to be one of the basic qualities of a doctor, it seems that many people recognize and respect him as the best doctor because he shows these important truths that are not often kept in action.


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