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There are lots of schools that host many kinds of events. As there are various events, you can experience more. Okdong Middle School has a lot of events like other schools. There are school festivals, educational travel, and athletic competition.

I first interviewed a student who experienced one of these events. He said that he loves the school festival because he can experience a lot of things and meet many friends. As mentioned above, a school festival is an event in which we can experience many things. There are booths operated by each class. Students themselves decide what booth to run. The students prepare for the booth for the school festival.

▲ School Festival`s Booth

Another event is the athletic competition. There are lots of sports you can participate in. There is soccer, running, tug of war, and cheering. During the events, water bottles are given to students. By each competition, the winners will get a point. Adding up all the points from the competition, the rankings are ranked. Even if you do not win, it is a good experience for you.

▲ School`s Athletic Competition

The last event is the educational travel. Educational travel is traveling for students' experience. By voting the place to visit is decided. Then, the students and the teachers visit the place for one night two days, or two nights three days. Most commonly, schools visit Seoul, the capital of South Korea. There, the students go to Everland, which is an amusement park. After that day, we go to a fol village or a science museum.

There are pros and cons to the events. these events are a good experience for students. It also helps to make friends and makes students have fun and release stress. But, the events might be dangerous, but it needs lots of time and money. Moreover, some people say that students need to study. There are still discussions about this, but more people think that these events are useful for students.


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